Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh Scotland

Just finished "One Good Turn" by Kate Atkinson. She is a new author to me, and I must say, I enjoyed this book. It has a lot of characters, but all the stories are connected and the twist ending was a jolly good surprise. She took me on another armchair trip, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I started "True Believer", by Nicholas Sparks, another new author to me. I don't know why I have resisted his writing for so long, since he writes about the places I would like to live.

It was a wind chill of 55 below zero yesterday in Georgetown, and 24 below here in the Ranch. I swear we must have really made the Gods angry, since we have had snow for 7 weeks in a row. Is global warming a myth?

I'm finally getting poor little Jack to the groomers. I swear he grows tangles in his sleep. He is the sweetest Bichon on the planet, except when it comes down to brushing time. Then he eagerly runs into his crate and hides out until he thinks I have lost interest. It cracks me up. One look at the brush and he is off to the races. Bribes are not even working so far, but tomorrow we are trying tiny pieces of hot dog. Maybe that will be the answer.

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  1. Are you planning on reading Atkinson's "Case Histories", which is the first book about Jackson? It is excellent. As are all her books, especially "Behind the scenes at the museum".