Friday, February 23, 2007

Snow in my future?

After a beautiful, warm, melting week, it is supposed to snow, yet again tomorrow. I am almost finished with Greg Iles "True Evil" and hope the snow and Starbucks will help me finish tomorrow.

Jack the Dog has spent the week sunbathing and barking at the squirrel family that I regularly feed. They drive him to distraction. I suppose it was a bad idea giving him an exact replica of mama squirrel as a chew toy.

I wasn't up to sunbathing, but am looking forward to long periods of warmer weather. The cold makes everything hurt more than usual, so I crave the warmth of spring. Even reading books about cold places, makes me ache. I know, I know....could I be mental?

Instead of reading my beloved books, I have been reading other peoples blogs. It is astounding, how good most of these writers are. I am constantly amazed at how much, at least on the surface, I have in common with some of them. Being mostly housebound, seems to affect the way I look at the bloggers, as if they are my inside friends. I'd like to make martinis and invite them over just to talk.

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