Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prozac and Poptarts

Breakfast of champions! I have not been sleeping lately, thank you very much! Late night TV is quite interesting....I can whittle my waist, use mineral makeup (well, I fell for that one and I really think I look younger, of course I misplaced my glasses, so I am not sure), cook a whole meal from one weird little mixer, live til I am 100 if I make juice, learn what the doctors and government don't want us to know if I buy a book, learn to use a computer and perfect my golf swing. WHEW!!! I will be so busy, who needs sleep? Of course, I won't have time to read or write anymore, but I'll be so thin and smart, maybe no one will notice.

It's times like this that I miss my Mother.She didn't sleep much either. We used to call each other at all hours, asking "What was that song in that movie?", and between us we could always figure it out. It is approaching her birthday, and I miss her more every year. Sometimes our Mothers irritate us and we wish we didn't have to deal with them, but when they are gone, oh how we miss them. I owe my love of books to Mom,my love of words and language. She would read to me when I was little, laying on her big bed, wrapped in afghans, me traveling on her words, she using funny voices to keep my attention. Little did she realize, I would have listened to her true voice any time and been happy with that!

I miss you Mom.

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