Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Longer a MEME Virgin!!!!!

I have been tagged by BYBEE at Naked Without Books!.
This is my first ..

The Guidelines:

Players start off with 8 random facts about themselves.

They post the rules in their blog entry.

They tag 8 people and post their names and location.

They leave the tagged a comment telling them that they've been tagged.

So in no particular order-

1. I have 2 tattoos...a spider on my right shoulder and a web on my left bazoom. One of them was a 45th birthday gift.

2. I worked at Sears for over 16 years, with my first job being a seller of frozen fish from a truck in the parking lot. Not my finest moment!

3. I am an avid gardener, thanks to my father. We both share a deep love of roses.

4. A few years ago, my husband and I flew to Hawaii, FIRST CLASS! It was soooo worth it!

5. One of my first jobs was glass blower. The first lesson is "do not inhale".

6. My goal is to have a house in Moab, Utah.

7. Two of the very best gifts I ever received, were from my children. An Ipod from my son last Christmas, and Jack the Dog, my Bichon, from my daughter 2 years ago. Thanks Kiddos!

8. I have been writing a book for the past year. Wish me luck!

8 1/2. A tip of the bowler to BYBEE...I have seen "ALL THAT JAZZ" about the same number of times...."It's Showtime....."

Now to think who I can tag...heh heh heh


  1. I have a terrible fear of spiders..along came a spider that sat down beside I decided I would not be afraid anymore if I had a permanent reminder that fear is just a waste of energy...weird huh?

  2. So...? Did it work? If it did, I'm going to get another tattoo, this one of a mouse!

  3. Actually, I still have a small fear but nothing like before...Mighty Mouse might work for you..That was probably before your, but I love Mighty Mouse.

  4. joemmama, please! I AM pretty old, you know! I like Mighty Mouse: "Here I am, to save the day!"

  5. That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way....

  6. why moab? (btw, i was there just a couple weeks ago!)

  7. A- My husband is a big, I mean BIG Jeep fan. We go 10 times a year at least, and we want to retire there. The scenery can't be beat!