Thursday, June 07, 2007

Case Histories

A while back Lazy Cow suggested I read "Case Histories" by Kate Atkinson. Boy, I am glad I did! Jackson Brodie, private investigator, a former police inspector, Marine, husband and son, is investigating 3 cases, a child missing from her backyard tent, an insane murderer of a lawyers young daughter, and the child of an ax murderer, a runaway. As he investigates, he deals with his ex wife, her lover, his child and assorted odd characters that come across his path. Nothing is as it seems, in the end. Just when you are sure of exactly what happened in each case, the author twists and turns the reader to a very interesting conclusion. Lies, loves lost and found, this book is just terrific.

As mentioned earlier, I have been looking forward to "A Sense of The World" by Jason Roberts. The story of the "Blind Traveler", so far is a wonderful story of history's greatest traveler. An inspiration to Charles Darwin, among others, he seems such an unlikely hero, but "WOW" I cannot say I would have believed this story, if someone had told me. It's all true!


  1. I just picked this up from the library! I'm so glad to hear it's good. I have never read anything by Kate Atkinson before.

  2. Sounds good. Maybe I'll read it after the "Something About Me" challenge.

  3. I recently finished the sequel "One good turn" and found it just as good. Another excellent Atkinson is "Emotionally Weird", verrrry different from her other books though!