Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Suck

"You Suck: a Love Story" by Christopher Moore was really a surprise. I found it a hilarious and sometimes touching as the story of urban vampires in San Francisco who discover how to be vampires, how to drink coffee, and how to stay alive...er dead...er alive. The Animals, a group of Safeway stock boys, and vampire hunters, find true love with a blue hooker, who takes all their money and joins the boys in the hunt for the vampire lovers, Jody and Tommy. She wants them for a different reason. The odd characters, cool language, and vivid images brought to mind make this a fun romp. After reading "serious" vampire stories for much of my life, I really enjoyed this refreshing change of pace. Now I need to catch up..."Bloodsucking Fiends" here I come.


  1. I also read You Suck before Bloodsucking Fiends and while I think that a few references in You Suck would have been funnier if I had read them in order I don't think it suffered that much from reading them out of order. Have you read A Dirty Job? There is some overlap of characters between to the two vampire books and this one. I've gotten my best friend hooked on Christopher Moore as well. By the way, I found your blog through Shelfari and the 50 book challenge group. I have a different user name there though, it's Librarianwho if you are interested.

  2. This was my first Christopher Moore, but I'm a fan! Love your shelf, by the way. I have so many books it's taking a long time to list them..lol