Thursday, September 13, 2007

Literacy and Longing in LA

Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack have written a fun and funny book, full of literary quotes, and great characters. Dora, named for Eudora Welty, is a sad, separated, book-a-holic, who reads stacks of books in the bath, as do some of us...(me,me), drinking wine and longing for something while her husband lives with a "Barbie". She feeds her book habit in a local bookstore, where she meets a slightly strange, tall, handsome,book clerk. They embark on a fun affair, and his family truly affects Dora. This is a perfect book for reading in the bath, quick and satisfying. Not sure if I liked the ending, but it was still pretty darn good.


  1. Oh, I have this one on my wishlist from Amazon. Thanks for the review!

  2. adrienne4:27 PM

    I really liked this book. Not exactly classic literature, but great for a quick pick-me-up.