Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Southern Magic

Pawleys Island” and “Garden Spells” were two wonderful books about the magic of the south.

Pawleys Island, by Dorothea Benton Frank is the home of wonderful handmade hammocks, a favorite of mine. Of course, now that I am old and decrepit, I can no longer manage a hammock without falling on my butt, but I remember the comfort of them from my youth. When artist, Becca Sims arrives on the island, running from an abusive husband, retired attorney, Abigail Thurmond and her best friend, Huey Valentine, get involved and rush to her aid. Becca’s two children, brainwashed by her husband into believing she doesn’t want them, are a painful reminder that being a “good” wife and mother sometimes isn’t enough. While helping their friend, Abigail is able to deal with her own dark places and finds peace for herself. A wonderful story about a place I love; The South. I am a sucker for almost anything having to do with the south and it’s customs, and traditions.

Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen, is yet another book about the south (do we see a pattern here?). This is the story of the Waverley sisters, Claire and Sydney, one who stayed in the family home and one who traveled far and wide. Sydney, the younger sister, returns to her home town with a beautiful daughter in tow, after a 10 year absence, much to the dismay of her sister, Claire, who has managed to stay, working as a caterer, and making a mysterious wine, as well as edible flowers from her magical garden. An apple tree that literally throws apples at people, and the earth that seems to speak to her, make her never want to leave. Growing up and finding love, helps both sisters realize what they were always looking for... home. The characters, and the magic made me love this story, although, the plot was somewhat predictable. I found it charming and a good fluffy book to read on a warm afternoon in the sun.

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  1. I loved that crazy apple tree in Garden Spells.

    Congrats on the new job! And, I was laughing about the hammocks. I love them, but I always had a little trouble climbing into them and then, once trapped, the mosquitoes always found me. I used to say, "When I move to a nice, dry climate I'll get a hammock." :)