Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dorothea Benton Frank

One of my favorite, "sweet" book authors, is Dorothea Benton Frank. Her characters are funny and full of life, with wonderful stories to tell. She writes about the low country of South Carolina, and just reading her makes me smell the air she writes about. (At least my idea of the air) I spend a lot of time in Louisiana, and the air is so different from this thin, still air in Colorado. The air in the south smells rich, thick, damp, and full of vegetation. I can smell it as we get close, and it smells like home to me. The food and the people are icing on the cake for me. The air is the cake. I have read two of her books in a row, and it makes me want to throw Jack the Dog in the car and take a road trip.

"Sullivan's Island", and "Isle of Palms" are two wonderful examples of the quirky, funny and sometimes sad stories from Dorothea Benton Frank. While her characters are not perfect, they are real, and have the same problems we all have. The charm of the Low Country is a large character, and give her books the rich texture that keep me coming back for more. I can smell them. And I recommend them to anyone who loves a good, funny, fast paced story, full of life and love.

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