Friday, May 22, 2009

The Broken Window

Jeffery Deaver has done it again. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs enter the world of data mining, getting every snippet of information available through the Internet, and identity theft, the result of too much information being available to thieves. Frightening and eerie, this crime thriller was a roller coaster, fun but scary. It made me think about how much information is out there, things we innocently put on forms, questions answered on a quick survey, blog entries, all being mined for our information. What that information is used for is scary, as this novel points out. It really made me think about what I have put out into cyber space. Have you Googled yourself? I did-funny-I Googled my kids and grand kids and The Man-The Boy- 2 entries-The Girl-2 entries-The Grand kids-0 entries (Yea!)-myself-11 pages. Yikes! Maybe I am out there too much!


  1. I actually have googled myself Lol It was interesting:-D I was stalking myself...:)

  2. I know, Amy. It felt weird! Stalking