Friday, May 08, 2009

Wife in the Fast Lane

Karen Quinn has written a cute, funny. fluffy, book that was just right for the post flu recovery time. Christy Hayes, is a beautiful, leggy, Olympic gold medal winner, who starts her own shoe company with the help of her best friend, Katherine. While attending a conference, she meets and marries the love of her life, Michael, a master of the universe in his own right. He asks of her only one children. Having been badly hurt by his ex-wife and daughter, Michael does not want to be hurt again. When Maria, Christy's beloved housekeeper dies, leaving her granddaughter Renata, in Christies care, Michael cannot let himself love her. As Christy’s life spins out of control, betrayals abound, and she finds herself at war with the PTA mother from Hell, making her life even more confusing and overwhelming. One of the things I loved about this book was the rule of two…career, romance, children; pick two. I enjoyed this walk on the lighter side, and recommend it to anyone who needs a light read,flu or no flu.

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  1. This book sounds good.I love the ones where I can relate.