Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu for Romance

I do not read much “Christian” fiction because I find so much of it heavy handed. That said, I am glad I misread the description of “Menu for Romance” by Kaye Dacus.

It is a light, fluffy, fun romance, set in the world of planned parties (something I know nothing about). Meredith Guidry is one member of a large family, who own a venue for galas, parties and ladies luncheons. Major O’Hara is the head chef, of said venue, in love with Meredith, but afraid to tell her about some family secrets. Meredith is in love with Major, but is waiting for him to make a move. Time seems to be running out for both of them, as other people come into their lives, forcing them to confront their true feelings.

The “Christian” part was very easy to read, prayers said, church attended, all very sweet and necessary to the story. No heavy handedness here, so thank you Ms. Dacus. I may try another.

I received this book through Library Thing Early Reviewers, so I thank them for the chance to rethink my aversion to a genre I had avoided.

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