Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Salon-Where, Oh Gentle Readers

Where, oh gentle readers, do we get ideas on which books to read? Do we get them from other bloggers? From Best Seller lists? From magazine reviews? I often wonder where they all come from.

I get so many ideas from other bloggers, books I would never have found otherwise, since my library is limited and I cannot browse the bookstore so well with my crutches. I find so many good ideas, but I have to say, so many bloggers read the same books that I have to subscribe to many, many blogs in order to get more ideas.

Do you carry a list to the library or bookstore, or do you just wing it? Do you stick to one genre or do you read whatever catches your fancy? ( I am a fancy grabber..does that sound bad?)

Speaking of subscribing to blogs, I really like the fact that they are all in one place, but I do so miss seeing the actual design and beauty of the blogs I read, so I find myself going to each site, which really defeats the purpose of subscribing. Sigh…..

I was on vacation this week, so I got some reading done, but not as much as I had hoped. Oh, and my dear sister spilled the beans and told me she got me a Book Buddy for my birthday at the end of the month. Woo Hoo! I guess sending the website and writing hint hint, really works.


  1. HI,
    I have bestowed and award on your blog. Please come visit me to collect it.

  2. my current pile of books came from a game i played at the library while on lunch break at work.i have to hurry to get back to the office so not much time to browse the shelves, so i play "if you touch it, you read it."

    no pulling it off, reading cover just an instinctual grab.

    i have

    Red Hat by Ralph McInerny
    The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry
    Serpent Box by Vincent Louis Carrella

  3. ps.. currently, i am reading The Red Hat and i am fairly engrossed with it. i am not sure if the rules to this game entail me reading a book i don't like all the way to the end. so far, i haven't picked up any true stinkers

  4. Hi Joemmama and many thanks for visiting me at Pen And Paper.
    Like yourself, I'm also reliant on my crutches and find that getting out and about is not always that easy. I find the library is one great place to visit for books - not only do I get to browse easily but there are always plenty of bargains to be had as there is a trolley with ex-stock for sale on it with hardbacks priced at a mere 50 pence each and softbacks at an even better 25 pence each.

  5. I popped round yesterday to read this entry and I've been pondering it ever since. My inspiration comes from a multitude of places but I am, I believe, a bookstore browser more than anything. My "to read" list is mocking me right now. I kept hearing about Neil Gaiman so I read the PERFECT Graveyard Book & then began acquiring his prior novels. I picked up Brideshead Revisted because I always meant to read it. I have an Arthurian series (shelf browsing) by Bernard Cornwell waiting to be read and Hood (shelf browsing) by Stephen R. Lawhead. Cornelia Funke's Inkheart (recommendation) is also in that stack. And... to top it off, I read an article in 2007 about a series of books about a boy archaelogist. The first 3 books of The Tunnel series by Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams are available. Truthfully, I had forgotten about them until I began thinking about your post. Amazon is calling my name and I must go purchase them. OH... and I'm reading the Fablehaven books to my boys (age 14 & 9 ... Yes, I still read aloud to them). We found that series by browsing the shelves as well!

  6. Your list sounds wonderful! I feel my list growing...

  7. I get most of my ideas by browsing in bookstores- and reading blogs! :-)

  8. I miss the design sometimes as well, but I used to forget about some really great blogs before I used bloglines. If you leave comments you have to click through so I guess you can see them then.