Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ah, Italy!

Over the weekend I got to go to Italy. No I did not leave my house (are you kidding me?), but I read a very cool book, "Italian For Beginners" by Kristin Harmel. This was a charming, lively, romance, but I found the biggest romance to be with Rome.

Cat Connelly has always taken care of everyone, her father, her sister, and was so responsible at her job, but the time has come to do something for herself. Circumstances make Cat long for the romance she had found years ago in Rome, with a handsome man, her first true love. She suddenly makes up her mind to reconnect with him, and off to Rome she goes. Of course, everything goes wrong, and Cat has to make some hard choices. She finds herself and her true calling, while living in, and loving Rome.

The love story was a little familiar, but to me the real love story was with Italy, Rome, in particular.

The descriptions were so alive, I felt like I was walking on the streets, looking at the people, drinking the wine and eating the food.

I love the way I can travel through books! It is so inexpensive and I can take all the shampoo I want!
I won this book from Galleysmith! Thanks so much!!


  1. And all without the problem of what to pack, airport security etc. Where are you off to next?

  2. Sweden! The Girl who played with

  3. Sigh. Rome. I *love* Rome and I haven't been there physically since I was 12.

    Right now I'm in Wales. I'm always in the British Isles. It's possible I may have a Brit Lit problem but I'll never fully admit it.