Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can We Love Our Bodies?

At its essence, the book is about helping people break free from destructive beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors toward their bodies and themselves. The focus is on helping people discover that unconditioned part of themselves that is beyond time and space. A place where true beauty resides. By detaching from negative thoughts and connecting with one’s spiritual essence, the reader can begin to create a body and a life that she loves. This is a book all women should read to share the wisdom’s of self-love, true health and spirit with your mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

The 5-Step Process includes:
Step 1: Set a Powerful Intention
Step 2: Identify and Detach from Your Destructive Voices
Step 3: Discover Who You Really Are
Step 4: Befriend Your Body
Step 5: Live Your Purpose

From the Publisher

Sarah Maria has written an interesting book, full of exercises, case histories, and uplifting advice, for all of us who do not LOVE our bodies. We know who we are, cellulite thighs, arms that wave goodbye, long after we stop waving, chip-monk cheeks, bad hair, you get the picture.

The premise of the book is that if we can release our negative body obsessions, we will live happier lives. While I agree with her, I found some of the ideas were a little simplistic, but perhaps if I continue repeating to myself the affirmations, it will actually erase the 50 plus years of I am not enough. (pretty enough, smart enough, good enough)

I have said before that self help books are not really for me. I think I may be too cynical, but I can see where this would be a good book for a young woman struggling with body issues.
For someone who is not an old apple like me, you might find this book makes you feel better about yourself. Be positive!

I am going to keep up the exercises and will let you know how I am doing!

I received this book from Caitlin Price at FSB Associates. Thanks!

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  1. It'll be interesting to see how it goes- keep us posted! :-)