Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Shimmer

David Morrell has written a spooky, sci-fi story about mysterious lights in the Texas sky. Some people think it is the aliens finally coming, some think it is fireworks over the Mexico border, or is it a government experiment gone wrong? A top secret military base is located near the lights and when things start to go terrible wrong, is it the end of us all?

Dan Page, a Santa Fe police officer has come to Rostov, Texas in search of his wife, Tori, who inexplicably left their home to visit her mother, but never arrived. When he discovers her watching the Rostov Lights, he is relieved, but not for long. A crazed gunman starts shooting into the crowd, screaming that the lights should "go back to Hell" where they came from. Shooting indiscriminately into the crowd, Dan rushes to save Tori and the others. Tragedy follows, and Dan becomes determined to find out where the lights come from and what effect they are having on everyone who sees them, since they seem to mean something different to each person. Some people experience peace and others experience uncharacteristic violence.What he discovers is chilling, and fascinating.
If you like a thriller with a little bit more ( a sci-fi connection) this is a good one!

Thanks to Anna at FSB Associates for the chance to read this terrific book!

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  1. I finally started reading again. This means that, between a 40 hour work week and single-motherhood, I've managed to finish 2 books in 2 weeks. Pitiful compared to my former reading life. Monumental compared to the rest of 2009. =)