Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Carnivore

Mark Sinnett has written an amazingly good book in "The Carnivore". Set in 1954 Toronto, Hurricane Hazel is wreaking havoc, Ray Townes, a policeman, is having an affair. Mary, his long suffering wife is doing her best to hold things together.

When Ray is proclaimed a hero and is featured in the newspapers, but Mary has her doubts. Yes, Ray did warn people and possibly even saved a few, but he also committed a terrible act against another human being.

50 years later, when a reporter comes to their home to write another story about the hurricane, and its heroes, everything is churned up once more. Ray is ill, Mary is tired, and as the stories unfold to the reporter, memories are brought to the forefront, and feelings and actions of that awful night are nearly too much to bear.

Will they be able to get through this terrible time? Will the dredged up memories end a marriage, hanging on by a thread? Will Rays evil deed become known? Will the truth set them free or will it ruin them?

So many questions, but all is answered in the end. The exploration of a disaster and a marriage, is so well written, I felt like a fly on their wall, eavesdropping. This book was wonderful!

I received this book from Shelf Monkey for review. Thanks so much!

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  1. This sounds really intriguing! I love what you said about feeling like a fly on the wall.