Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do they still sell trusses?

I seem to have coughed and sneezed myself into a hernia...sigh. I have been feeling bad for so long, I had hoped it would all just go away. Now I get to go to the nice Doc who works for the crappy insurance company. They have messed up so much on my disability insurance, I hesitate to trust them with my hernia. (or whatever this thing is) At least it is a new year and the cafeteria plan is full for the year. At the rate we are falling apart, it won't last very long. My advice to you is................DON"T GET OLD!!


  1. ouch. I tend to get a sore and itchy back when I sneeze too much.

  2. Yes, they do sell devices to hold the hernia in for women~! My daughter is pregnant and is developing a hernia so she picked one up. It looks just like a jock strap, only they put pretty lace on it~! Looks hysterical but she says it works!