Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loving "Big Red"

So "Big Red" arrived safe and sound, and I have to say I am lovin' it! I downloaded library books, review books from Net Galley, moldy oldies, and will be taking her to the hospital with me, cuz everyone knows you do not sleep in a hospital. (what's that all about?) Sadly I have been ignoring my real books and they are getting jealous. Multiplying in the night, threatening to topple over and crush me to death. So I am trying to pace myself...yeah right.

I will be reviewing ebooks and paper books equally, I hope, and it is so nice to slide her in my bag when I go out and not fall over from the weight.

Now if they could add that book smell....hmmmmmmm..... Dear Sony, I have an idea for an accessory to your ereader.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Big are so cute! I'm glad you get to take BR to the hospital with you. Good point about the book smell.