Saturday, April 17, 2010


After my surgery, on Easter Sunday, which was also my 35th wedding anniversary, my gift (in addition to Big Red)was a visit to see my Dad, in Springhill Louisiana. I got to recover from my surgery in the comfort of Tinkerbell (our motor home), and in the strong arms of my Daddy. We had a wonderful visit, eating too much, and getting some reading done. Not as much as I had hoped, though. I came home to over 1000 posts in my Google Reader. Yikes! Never take a vacation during a Read-a-thon!!

I am down to 700 so am doing pretty well. And I am feeling much better. It was a rough few days, but everything is feeling so much better.

The best thing on the trip was the free wi-fi at rest stops. We never stayed long enough to get much done, but I managed to keep up with some email. Being disconnected was harder than I expected.

I am back and reading, so should have some fun reviews soon.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Sorry to hear you've been ill.

    I've got over 1000 posts in Reader too but I've no intention of even trying to get through them all!

  2. love the name of your mobile home. we call our camper 'Little House' as its tiny, just 13 feet at the extremes. We batted around all kinds of names, but that one worked best.