Friday, May 07, 2010

Legacy of a False Promise

Imagine if you will, dear reader, that you are a teen, living a comfortable life, when something happens, leaving you lost, afraid and lonely. Imagine government officials are coming to your home, threatening your parents, unless they give up information on their friends.

This was not Nazi Germany, it was the United States, during the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) hearings.

"Legacy of a False Promise-A Daughter's Reckoning" is the true story of Margaret Fuchs Singer, her family and the US Government. The damage done by the McCarthy hearings is something that never goes away. The damage done to Herbert Fuchs career as a law professor, was never repaired. The damage to his self esteem, and the courage of her mother, Frances, is a compelling read. Blacklisted from teaching, but never giving up, her father was an honest, ethical man.
Joining the Communist Party in the 30's and 40 's was something people did in order to help the unemployed, support the unions, and to better the plight of the working man. It was not an uncommon thing, and was not considered Un-American at the time.

Betrayed by the people who had promised to support him, Herbert found himself forced to name names, against his better judgment, and in turn betray his friends. Fighting his dismissal and blacklist as long as he could, he later found work in another field.

Singer's search for the truth is a fascinating read, about a time in our country, that makes me angry and ashamed of us all.

I received this book from Carol Fass Publicity. I thank you so much!


  1. I've never heard of HUAC, obviously some reading on the subject needs to be done. Thanks for the information.

  2. I've wanted to read a bio of Joseph McCarthy, but I think I'd get too mad and start hurling the book around.

  3. Bybee- My blood just boils when I think of them. Shame shame shame on them all.