Monday, September 13, 2010

Numb- Sean Ferrell

He blew into the failing circus on a Texas dust storm, bleeding and battered...he said "I'm numb".
That became his name, since he did not remember who he really was, or where he came from.

Numb worked around the circus and ended up as a freak who felt no pain, nailing his hands and feet to boards. He made friends with Mal, a fire eater,and they ended up leaving the circus and going to New York together. Numb had found a bloody business card in the pocket of his suit, and was sure he would find out who he was.

Numb and Mal made money, nailing Numb's hands and feet to the bar and floor of the sleazy place, betting that he would not feel it.

Numb quickly tired of the game and went out on his own. Finding an agent, who hired PI's to check on leads into Numb's identity, he went mainstream.

Getting into a snobby crowd, Numb seemed out of his element. He moved in with a blind artist, and he became her muse. When Mal comes back into his life, Numb sees things in a different light.

The story of Numb and Mal is both sad and sometimes funny as hell. Offbeat and well written, this book was terrific!

I received this book from Erica at Harper Perennial for review. Thanks so much!


  1. A great opening paragraph - it certainly grabs the attention

  2. This sounds different and good. So many good books to read. I'm almost finished with the Wally Lamb book! Thanks for your reviews.

  3. sounds like one of those books that stops you in your tracks and makes you sit down and read it through to the end.

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