Saturday, September 18, 2010


Did not participate in BBAW this year. Last year was so "high school" and I was not so inclined to go back there. (like they care) But I did follow along a little this year and was pleasantly surprised at the NEW entries, and the quality of the writing. So good job all!!

I have found myself putting off review books, in favor of books I actually bought or got at the Library. Shame on me! I am currently halfway into "the Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton, and am so loving it! Will try and finish and review this week.

The piles are threatening to fall over and kill me. I need to do some weeding, but always feel as if I am tossing friends away. DO you keep books around forever? Even the ones that you don't love? I think it is a sickness. I want floor to ceiling bookshelves....and a ladder. It is good to want things!

It is still Summer-like here and I am begging for Fall. I want to wear sweaters, and all my Fall-ish things. The heat is getting to be too much as I get older. Give me clouds and rain (not snow right now) and cooler temps, and I will stop bitching. (as much)

I need to get myself organized, but I am overwhelmed. Where do I start? Maybe I will just lay down, and read......


  1. I agree with you about the books- I have a hard time giving them away, even if I didn't love them. Thankfully, I recently discovered a fantastic used bookstore not far from my house and they will exchange newer fiction for store credit. I've been bringing my less fantastic fiction there, and happily bring home new books to love!

    Speaking of the bookstore, I just brought "The Forgotten Garden" home from one of my trips- I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  2. I'm with you as far as this heat crap goes......I'm so sick of it. Bring on Fall already.

  3. I find that I have to move those books outta here or my house will collapse. If I don't really love it, it's gone so fast. There are ones that will be here for ages to come.

  4. I joined in last year but found the whole thing to be a bit of cliche with the organisers awarding themselves.

  5. I totally agree with your assessment of last year's BBAW. While I also didn't follow along as closely this year, I was pleasantly surprised at a few things. I will admit that the posts celebrating each day got old fast. I read book blogs for the book reviews and news, not endless memes.
    Our living spaces are still overtaken with books even after a concentrated effort to weed some out. There are many books I can not get rid of - it would be like turning my back on old friends. Favorite books are the one thing I hoard. I can easily toss/give away other items.

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  7. BBAW seemed more interesting this year.

    I can't give away books unless I know someone really really wants them!