Monday, May 09, 2011

Already Home-Susan Mallory

Jenna Stevens, after leaving her cheating chef husband, moves to her hometown, and impulsively leases a storefront for three years. With no retail experience, the support of her loving (adoptive)  parents, and her clever assistant Violet, she struggles through the birth pains of opening a new business. She was a clever chef in her past life, until her hot shot chef husband undermined her to the point where she could no longer create new and exciting recipes.

Suddenly her cooking shop takes off, much to her delight, and business is booming. When her birth parents, Atomic and Serenity, show up on her shop doorstep, Jenna is thrown for another loop. Vegans, and Hippies t o the max, her life is spinning, and when Serenity says the shop is not her destiny, Jenna begins to question everything she has accomplished.

Between discovering she has a whole new family, including 2 brothers, listening to Serenity commune with the Universe, and her beloved adoptive mother, Beth, feeling sorry she encouraged Jenna to be with her birth mother, Jenna is clearly confused and unsure of her feelings. Serenity fixes her up with a Holistic doctor,who she really likes, and her assistant Violet has her own secrets and troubles which may point to a tragic end.

I thought the birth parents were annoying as hell, but I guess that was the point.

This is a book about opening your heart to whatever comes your way, be it a man or a whole new family. Take the good with the bad and do not waste a minute.

Clearly this Chick Lit book is  destined to be on every nightstand and in their beach bags. Yeah it is that good!

This book came from PTA Reviewer Rewards in exchange for an honest review. Thank You!

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