Sunday, October 30, 2011


Did you ever read a book that made you feel like you needed a shower after you red it? This was my shower worthy book.

I downloaded this from the library, after half reading the rather murky description. It said it was about a fun loving socialite......I should have checked it out. ICK...her nickname is "Superhead". Of course I did not find that out until I was halfway through. Karrine Steffans was apparently a fixture in the hip hop world, a world I don't visit. She is misunderstood, so she says, after her first book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" hit the NYT  best seller list. So she is apparently a bestselling author. She writes like someone who doesn't do much reading. She claims to be offended by people who are not interesting, and not as smart as she is.

Hmmmmm...I guess she sold some books because she names names, I guess she has a nice house and fancy cars, she survived off of the kindness of the men she slept with, and she is so proud of herself. And she has a child that she is raising in this atmosphere, and oh, she was on Oprah. It is just sad.

While I am far from perfect, this behavior is not something I feel should be put out there for anyone to read. If I want sleaze, I will read Hustler.It does not make me wish I was a skank when I was young. I guess this book was not for me, no way , no how.

Just being reminded of this makes me want to go shower......I wish I could wash my brain.

I cannot recommend this book to anyone!


  1. This would be a definite pass for me.... how awful to have lived such a hallow meaningless life.

  2. Sounds like a book and a woman that I have absolutely no interest in. Thanks for the review.

  3. "Superhead"?! EWW indeed! What a waste of your time!

  4. I need a shower just reading the review!

  5. Not a read for me either. Thanks for such an honest review.