Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Third

“No Mad” by Sam Moffie was so good I did not want it to end, yet again. My third slow, savory read “No Mad” is the story of Aaron Abrams, a writer/teacher, who unceremoniously discovers his wife and brother together, when he rushes home to give his wife some good news. He hurriedly packs his stuff, grabs his dog and sets off on a cross country road trip, doing research for his next book, interviewing classmates. He is angry, but seemed somehow relieved to be free. His children, grown and gone are his anchor, and in one segment, it becomes abundantly clear how much he loves them.

I loved this book for the stories, and the humor. The odyssey Aaron goes on makes him realize that perhaps we really don’t know anyone like we think we do. Everyone has something unexpected about them, and seeing who we are today doesn’t guarantee who we will be tomorrow. This is one terrific summer read!

Thank you Sam, for sending me this terrific book!