Wednesday, October 07, 2015

So many books

I have been so lax with this blog. I am ashamed of myself. Every time I make up my mind to write more, I find a book to read and promptly forget all the promises I made to myself. Paperbacks, hard covers, downloads, all plotting against me to make me look bad.

Drama on the home front adds to my distraction.Problems with the granddaughter, health issues, and life getting in the way all contribute to my failed efforts. the blog is a mess...way behind and not pretty anymore. I have got to get with it. I have considered quitting and just walking away, but somehow I need the connection.

I am going to try and make some changes, both with the current state of this mess and in getting my reviews caught up....that is a years worth of work. (well maybe a few solid weeks)

keep your fingers crossed for me!