Saturday, December 09, 2006

The sad side of 50

I'm on the sad side of 50, when things start falling, breaking and just plain wearing out like old appliances. You can get a new stove, as well as a new hip, but what about a new focus? After spending most of the last eight months looking for work, I decided to chronicle what I did with the rest of the time off. I read 40 books between April and September. I didn't start out to spend so much time reading, but waiting in lobbies, for interviews, hoping for that phone call saying "We want you" gave me quite a bit of free time. Since the job hunt did not pan out, I think my new focus will be on reading, writing and reviewing books.

I have been an avid reader from the time I could hold a book. My Mother read to me constantly, until I was old enough to read myself, and it is the gift I cherish most. The love of words. I don't think I ever thanked her when she was alive, and of that, I am ashamed. This is will be a thank you to my Mom.

My home contains over 6,000 books. I really stopped counting at that point. The bookshelf conundrum has always been a problem, since I cannot see to part with any of the books I have, no matter how badly written, boring, and useless they may appear on first read. To me every book has some value, even if it just to keep another from falling over on the shelf. I have read books that infuriated me to the point of tossing them across the room, books I never wanted to end, books that I re-read every two years without fail, and books that left me asking what the hell...? I keep a running list in a fat notebook of the titles and authors I have read, which incidentally, helps when I am at the book store and something sounds a little familiar, but I am not sure if I have read it or not. I also add books that look like they will be something I might like, garnered from blogs, and reviews.

I know the great debate raging about the paid versus unpaid reviews, has some people in a total uproar, but can't we all just get along?

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