Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thank God the holidays are over. I have never been much of a Christmas person. My grandkids are in Florida, so there are no happy children to force me into my cheerful Grammy mode. We displayed our "Christmas brick ", a glass brick with colored lights inside, as our only decoration. I do have to say, before you think I am a total Scrooge, that I found wonderful gifts for family and friends, including tea that blooms in the cup (either really cool or really creepy, depending on your personal opinion), warm sweaters and of course books. The very best gift I got was from my sweet son. We had been talking about things we would like to get as a gift, being a young man he wanted a game station thing, expensive with me out of work and out of unemployment insurance, and I wanted an Ipod, expensive for both of us. On Christmas morning he came home because the roads were to bad to travel (51 inches of snow in 3 weeks) with packages for his Dad and me. Dad was thrilled to get an automatic shower cleaner, and I got my beloved Ipod. I immediately told him that he had spent too much, but he was actually twinkling when he told me it was worth any amount just to see the look on my face. I have been loading song after song into this magical machine, and I am loving it!! Rediscovering music I had forgotten I had. This is so much fun! THANK YOU ZACH!!!!

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