Tuesday, January 16, 2007

False Alarm

We were lucky and dodged a storm. It is very cold so I had a chance to read.(imagine that?!) I have never read Meg Cabot, so finding one of her books in the stacks was like finding a single chocolate cherry left in the box. "Size 14 is not fat either" is part of a series apparently, so I got in on the tail end. A cute premise, light and fluffy, exactly like the snow, was a welcome change from the heavier reading I have been doing lately. It is not something that will stick me or make me think, but sometimes I need a mindless read. A former pop singer working as a dorm (residence hall) assistant manager solves the mystery of a cheerleaders beheading. (the head was found boiling on a stove in the dining hall). Now I can certainly understand wanting to kill a cheerleader, and I guess I can understand why a pop singer would work in a college dorm (residence hall), but how many stories will Meg Cabot be able to wring from this scenario? Although, this was not the best book I have read lately, it was a fair diversion. I may give Meg Cabot another try, the next big storm.

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