Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I couldn't do it! I got so caught up in "Mockingbird;Portrait of Harper Lee" that I abandoned Teddy Roosevelt for the time being. The hardship of the Roosevelt expedition was making me sad, with the skies so gray.

To Kill a Mockingbird was and is one of my faves of all time. The story behind Nelle Harper Lee will also be one of my top picks. The fact that she became so famous and so renowned on a single volume is astounding. The reason why she didn't write another is just as interesting. I am glad she is still in our world, even if she didn't write another word. I admire her spunk and her tenacity. She is as fascinating a character, as any she wrote about.

"Good Things" by Mia King is a latte with extra foam. A light, fluffy, read, following the exploits of a television host, who loses her show, her home and her identity for a bit. After mistaking a tiny, filthy cabin for the home she is borrowing, she learns about herself, asking for help, and making her life plan work. A little romance doesn't hurt either.

I am frantically trying to read the library books that came in a huge group at the same time. Started "The Emperor's Children" by Claire Messud, because it was on so many lists and had so much hype. Sad to say, so far, I am not loving it. Maybe I am too old, but the characters just irritate me. I hope it gets better, but as of page 197, I am not impressed.

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  1. Interesting, eclectic list of books you're reading! Life is definitely too short to force our way through books we don't enjoy. I say abandon the Messud :-) Thanks for visiting my blog.