Thursday, August 23, 2007

To My Dearest Friends

Patricia Volk has written a splendid story of friendship and loss. It is the story of two acquaintances, who have lost a dear friend, each believing she was the "best" friend. She has requested, in her will, the two of them go to her safe deposit box together, to retrieve the contents.
Though they have met casually, they are not good friends, but they go and find something startling in the box. They start on a journey of discovery, not knowing if she was really the person they thought she was. The story is about how we have certain friends for certain things, such as the friend we love to have lunch with, but who doesn't read, and the friend who reads but you would never take to lunch. It was interesting, telling, and lovely, the story of an old and new friendship.

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  1. This sounds so interesting. How true that we have different friends for different things. I've often thought of this segregation among my friends; they don't always blend. Sometimes the only thing my friends have in common is our friendship. Old friends, work friends, reading friends, quilting friends, tai chi friends, family friends...