Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Waiting for new glasses

After years of ordering glasses at the cheapo one hour places, this time I went to a real eye doctor and have to wait for 2 weeks in order to see well again. I think this may be contributing to the time it is taking me to read "Thief of Time" by Terry Pratchett. That and the fact that I am aggravated and unnerved by the political scene going on. I am not sure why it bothers me so much that Oprah has come out so strongly for Obama, but I fear it is the sticker on the book thing all over again. I have not made up my mind yet, as to who I will be stumping for in the Presidential election, but it is disturbing to me that people follow a talk show host, no matter how smart, clever and lucky, and rich, almost blindly. It works with books so why not our President? Maybe I need to nap for about 6 months and see how it all shakes up when I wake up. (If only I could sleep)

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