Friday, December 07, 2007

The 7 Weirdnesses of Joemmama

I was tagged for this one by Bybee at Naked Without Books! There are so many weird things about me it was hard to narrow it down to only 7.

1- I love to watch things in slow motion. Some parts of a movie just grab me.. if a coat floats up in the air as someone walks in slow motion, I can watch it over and over again. It makes me feel light.
2-I know how to blow glass. I worked for a glass blower and learned the trade, but it is hard to make a living blowing glass. Rule number one...don't inhale.
3-I hate to fly, but I once jumped out of a plane (with a parachute).
4-KFC mashed potatoes and gravy makes me very happy! Mine never taste as good
5- I have insomnia. I guess that is why I read so much. I also have apnea but the machine that helps me breathe really gets in the way of my tossing and turning.
6-I love, love, love gangster movies...I have seen The Godfather over 100 times. Goodfellas, Casino, White Heat, Once upon a time in America, Things to do in Denver when you're Dead, Scarface, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, The Untouchables, Mean Streets, Public Enemy, Little Caesar, Kiss of Death, The Krays
7-I love hockey---GO AVS---there's something about a man without teeth and blood on the ice that blows my skirt up!

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  1. Oh, hey, look at that! I just dropped by to catch up and you tagged me! Thanks. That one shouldn't require too much thought. I'm pretty weird. ;)

    I have insomnia, too, and I'm pretty sure I have apnea but I'm not willing to go through a sleep test. I take ambien and just hope I'll wake up in the morning (like I do all night - at least it helps).