Tuesday, January 01, 2008

97 Books in 2007

It looks like I read 97 books in 2007 and have read one in 2008! Go me!!! I recently read "Waiting to Surface" by Emily Listfield, based on her actual story. It is a haunting tale of a couple who are experiencing problems and decide to separate, the husband going to stay with a former girlfriend and the wife staying with their child in New York. When the husband, an artist, vanishes in the night, the police believe he has run off while his wife feels he has drowned in the ocean. Her struggle to convince the police they are wrong and the issues dealing with her grief while attempting to handle her daughters fears, makes for very good reading. I think the fact that this is based on the actual story of Emily Listfields artist husband, and the fact that he went missing and was never found or heard from again, just haunts me. I cannot imagine the uncertainty, and chaos that must have surrounded her. I admire the fact that she has turned it into a very good, interesting book.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a really interesting book. I didn't know that about Listfield.

    Congrats on your huge total for 2007!