Thursday, January 03, 2008

Barking Dog,Needing Sleep

Sounds like one of those terrific Chinese movies, but this is no laughing matter. There is a dog that has been barking for days, a few doors down. At first I thought it was outside in the 10 degree, freezing snow, and I was frantic. My husband determined that it was inside, so at least I know it isn’t freezing to death, but what the hell? This poor animal barks for hours on end, so I can only assume the owners are away, perhaps having left a neighbor to come in and feed and water it, but what I can’t understand is why the poor animal was left to its own devices. I am a HUGE dog lover and take Jack the Dog (my beloved Bichon Frise) with me if I have to go anywhere. If I absolutely couldn’t take him, I’d take him to a friend’s house at the very least. I am not saying that he is a saintly dog who never barks. Let a cat run across the top of the fence, where the cat knows Jack cannot possibly reach him, and Jack barks like a banshee howls. We had a prairie dog in the yard last summer and I thought Jack was going to have a stroke. So he isn’t perfect, but we definitely try to keep the barking at a minimum, for our sanity as well as the neighbors. I am not sure whether to call the Police or Animal Control, or the Dog Whisperer. This poor animal needs help! I toyed with the idea of breaking into their house for an intervention, but I couldn’t get past the alarm system. (I’d never make a good dog-napper) So here I sit, fuming about the barking and yet feeling sorry for the barker. I guess love the sinner, hate the sin really is the answer. I think I will be speaking to the neighbors when they return and offer my dog sitting services for their next trip. At least maybe then I will get some sleep.

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