Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blessed Silence

Someone (not chicken hearted me) called the cops on the barking dog and the owners finally came home to a note on the door. At least the poor thing has some company now. It makes me sad to see how people treat the pets that love us unconditionally.

So with the silence, I can finally concentrate on reading again. I started "Loving Frank" and "The Little Lady Agency". An odd pairing, but I needed some fun reading with the Little Lady, and a good friend said Loving Frank was excellent, so I have an upstairs book and a downstairs book. I have always had a problem reading two books at once, but the difference in tone and substance should make the challenge easier. I have always envied people who had several books going at once and this is my year to try! I'd like to break 100 for 2008!

In addition, I cleaned out all my upper and lower kitchen cabinets and found stuff I had forgotten I owned. I also emptied my fridge and gave it a thorough cleaning, went to the grocery (finally) and am more than pleased with myself. Even falling off a ladder didn't deter me, but I must say, I am. really feeling like I've been in a prize fight. I think it's time for Excedrin and a little light reading.

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