Tuesday, January 15, 2008

T is for Trespass

I love Sue Grafton. A million years ago, I met her and had coffee with her. She was so down to earth, and charming, and I was a drooling fool. It was one of those moments when you say silly things like "You're my biggest fan" of course meaning "I'm your biggest fan"! She told me that at one time she worked at Sears, where I was working at the time, so I actually thought I might amount to something. Though I was not crazy about "S is for Silence" I really liked this one. I can't wait for the rest of the alphabet!
The subject is elder abuse and identity theft, both problems today. When Kinsey Millhones neighbor, Gus falls and needs a caregiver, a woman with no good on her mind, answers the ad. The greed and dirty deals, almost cost Gus more than his health. Kinsey, working on a car accident investigation, gets involved, and our heroine has her hands full. Such a timely and well written book, should be read by anyone with aging parents. It gives one pause, how easily we can be duped, when lack of time and life get in the way. Beware...aging is not for the faint of heart!


  1. That is so neat, to meet a favorite author. I babbled when I met Larry McMurtry. Hope he doesn't remember.

  2. You've met Sue Grafton? How cool! I've babbled upon meeting a few authors, myself - got all tongue-tied and stupid. It happens.

  3. It was one of those WOO HOO moments, like having John Dunning come and speak to my writing group, also joining us for coffee. I swear my best times are over coffee!!

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

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  5. That is FABULOUS!
    My God, I would have been having a CORONARY!
    I have a real groupie-mentality, I really do.
    Great story.
    Next time, take me with you in your travels.