Sunday, January 20, 2008


It is supposed to be 14 degrees tomorrow and that sounds like a good excuse for reading the day away, however, all I want to do is sleep. I have been struggling to stay awake for days now, my usual insomnia has run under the bed to hide and leaves me wondering---what's up with that?? I have been napping (well closing my eyes, not sleeping) laying around, to avoid putting any weight on my screaming joints, and wanting to eat everything in sight. Of course, I do not want to cook it myself. I need a servant to bring me food and tea. The Man was busy all weekend, putting hardwood floors in his office, and I must say, I am jealous. I want hardwood floors in MY office too and my family room, and my bedroom. Tile in my kitchen and bathroom, too. I suppose I need a job to pay for all of this, and that would seriously cut into my reading time. So for now I will continue to plow through the Ellen Burstyn and hope to move on to the books I picked up from the library today, knowing the cold would keep me inside, making my own tea and sitting under a blanket. Trying to stay awake.....


  1. So how was the Ellen Burstyn book? Is it a memoir? I always liked her in movies.

  2. It is a total story of her life...a very hard life, at that! It is actually painful to read...and I have not finished yet. But I admire her strength, and though I find some of her choices rather unsavory, I think it made her much stronger as a person and as an actress. I will review when I finally