Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally finished

"Lessons in Becoming Myself" was a long read for me. Ellen Burstyn, award winning actress, has written an interesting autobiography, that includes Sufism, acting, a totally insane husband, and assorted bits of intriguing movie trivia. She has always been a fave of mine in the acting department, but I have to say, I struggled quite a bit with this book. I don't mean to be a fair weather reader, but I expected more in the way of gossipy Hollywood/New York fun, and a lot less Sufi mystics, healers, and spiritual babble. I admire the fact that she has found so much peace through such strange (to me) channels after dealing for so many years with a husband who regularly accosted her on movie sets, broke into her homes and threatened to kill her. Her struggles sent her on a journey of discovery that took her all over the world, searching for peace. After accepting that I am not one to judge another persons life, I found the book enjoyable, although she did make some choices that I did not agree with, I have to really respect her as an actor, as well as an author. It was an interesting look at what makes one of our greatest actresses tick. I want to run out and re-watch all of her movies. But I have to ask....Are all actresses a little nuts?

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  1. I think most people who act are a little nuts, yeah, because they have some bizarre need for constant attention and/or adoration. My opinion. :)