Friday, May 09, 2008

Weather and Pockets

The weather here is very odd....for anyone who has grown up in Colorado, you know the old saying.."If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!" One day it is 80 degrees and the next it is snowing heavily. How is one to dress in this craziness? If you are going out, you need to be fully prepared, with a coat, sweater,tank top,umbrella,snow boots,shorts, and flip flops. Getting dressed is often a challenge, so many days staying in lounge pants is just the thing! My sister and I call them "man pants", you know those plaid flannel, baggy pants that are beyond comfort. Mine have to have pockets, in fact all my pants have to have pockets. What is it about making pants or pajamas without pockets? Don't they know we need a place to put a tissue, dog treats, reading glasses, and most days.....cigarettes and lighter. (I know, I know) I have man pants in many colors and fabrics, but I have to confess, the pants I received for a gift (without pockets) are in small squares, for cleaning my glasses and computer screen. Does anyone else feel strongly about pockets????


  1. A while back, Land's End was trying to hawk some of their pants by playing up the pocketlessness (is that a word?) by pointing out that the no-pockets gave you a more "streamlined" shape. Neater, slimmer. They can shove their no-pocket pants. I need a pocket for my cell phone and other stuff!

  2. Exactly!!!!! My bod isn't why should my pants be??

  3. I'm with Bybee and you. To heck with streamlining. I need pockets in my pants. I like having a place to plunk the keys when I'm out and about, without having to rustle around in a purse or keep them in my hand.

    As to PJs . . . I've stolen my husband's pajama pants. They do have pockets (also, they're exceptionally cute -- one pair has robots all over them and the other are Dr. Suess' "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" design). Women's PJs are annoyingly pocket-free. What's up with that? Women don't ever need to keep a kleenex handy when colds hit? That just ticks me off.