Monday, June 16, 2008

The Friends We Keep (and those we lose)

I really wanted to like "The Friends We Keep" by Holly Chamberlin, but (sigh) I didn't care for it. It revolves around three friends from college who meet many years later and try to reconnect. One had been married and divorced with a college age son, one searching for a wife, feeling something was missing from his life, and one a shrew with issues. When the shrew connects with the son of her friend, I just lost it. The main problem was that I did not like any of them! It did, however make me think about friends I have found and lost over the years. I currently have only a couple of friends, you know, real friends, the ones you can call when The Man is out of town and your car breaks down in the middle of the night. I have had many acquaintances over the years, many who have fallen away as I have become more reclusive, but my book friend and my best friend have hung in with me and forced me to get out more. I went to an almost wedding, or faux wedding over the weekend, for the daughter of a person who used to be a good friend. Somehow over the years, we drifted apart, she to a church group, and me to my books. While it was good to see her, it felt awkward, and when leaving the"let's get together for lunch" thing sounded very hollow. I don't think I am a very good friend, most days it is too much effort, but I am eternally grateful for the ones who have stuck with me through thick and thick. Since I can't really recommend "The Friends We Keep", I can recommend "Beachcomber" by Karen Robards. A  thrilling, edge of your seat book, perfect for reading on the beach, or in my case the deck. A woman running from the mob, becomes the target of a serial killer. Of course the heroine is strong and beautiful, the hero is charming and handsome, but sometimes you just gotta go for the fun! A perfect summer carefree read!

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