Monday, August 18, 2008

Are You a Miserable Old Bastard?


The title says it all. In this funny book are quotes from curmudgeons around the world, living and dead weaving a thoughtful, hilarious, sometimes irritating, view of the world through jaded eyes. I found myself nodding in agreement (sadly), as well as calling my husband to hear many of the funnier quotes. My son bought this book (for the cover, I think) but discovered a new hero in Winston Churchill. Yea for reading! Andrew John and Stephen Blake have collected the best of the best, from folks such as Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill, and many others. I made me see that there is a little Andy Rooney in all of us. Read this and set your inner grouch free!


  1. I must be a MOB, because I'd rather have something like this than sunshiny and inspirational any old day.

  2. You are the winner of my book giveaway. Please send your address to my email: suz19612003 AT yahoo DOT com

    Congratulations...I thought your answer and the quote from Joan Didion was just wonderful!!!

  3. this sounds like a perfect book for some of those days when sunshine isn't called for. I will be looking for a copy.