Wednesday, October 01, 2008


There was a time when a new Robin Cook medical thriller sent me running to the bookstore. After reading "Coma" I was hooked. As time went on, I read many of his books, though, they all started running together. If I came across one in an airport, I figured it would be a good distraction, and excuse to keep my seat mate from talking to me. The past few years, I have passed, since there was so much new stuff to read. A friend gave me this copy and since I was between really good books, I gave it a look. Typical Cook, it is the story of beautiful (of course), Doctor and business woman, Angela Dawson, with a perfect house in Nantucket, a New York City apartment, and an idea for free standing medical specialty centers. A loophole in the law lets doctors invest, with an eye on huge profits. As an antibiotic resistant staph infection starts killing surgical patients, the future looks uncertain for the IPO coming up for the group. One medical examiner is suspicious of the cases coming to her morgue, and Laurie Montgomery tries to find out what the heck is going on. Meeting resistance makes her all the more determined, as her love, Jack Stapleton is going in for surgery in one of the centers. It is a race to see who gets killed first, the patient, the Dr. or any of the other shady characters who are invested in both the success and failure of the venture. While some of the book was semi exciting, I found myself thinking I had read it all before. A good choice if you just want to keep your seat mate from talking to you.

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