Thursday, October 30, 2008

Distrubing Behavior

I wonder if the Republican Party and their candidate are aware of what is happening in their name? Flyers going out in several states, saying because of the large turnout Republicans should vote 11/4 and Democrats 11/5. This type of campaigning cannot and should not be tolerated. The phone calls I have been receiving from the republican supporters have also gone too far. Tonight I got a call stating Obama supports partial birth abortions and went on to describe one. I have had calls trying to scare me into voting for McCain and trashing Obama right and left. From the Democratic party, the calls have been very respectful and instead of prerecorded crap, they have been actual people, asking about the issues that concern me and encouraging me to vote. It makes me wonder if McCain is running scared and if his campaign is this awful, with or without his knowledge, how will he run the country if elected. I am beyond disappointed in the way this is being handled.


  1. I agree with you. I don't like it when one party trashes the other. Do they really think that makes them look good? Please. That was happening here in the Canadian elections.

    I do hope that you still plan to vote. It will be interesting to see the results this evening.

  2. I made me look at them in a bad light. Tell me what you are going to do and not what dirt you can dredge up! I did vote by mail and am very pleased with the outcome of almost everything we had a voice in. America rocks!