Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SO much happening.....

With so much happening both in the world and at home, I have been feeling overwhelmed. We have a wonderful new President, there is hope in the air, and people are coming together in ways I never expected to see in my lifetime. I have been reading a new book from Library Thing Early Reviewers, and enjoying it tremendously. "In the Land of Invisible Women" by Qanta Ahmed, is an extraordinary look behind the veil of a female doctor living in Saudi Arabia. I am not finished yet, because I am savoring it like a fine wine.

On a sad note -RIP Michael Crichton (1942-2008). One of my favorite authors, always full of imagination and great storyteller.

The MAN has not been feeling himself for over a week and he has finally agreed to see a doctor. Whew. It really scares me, as we age, when he gets sick or feels bad, because as a man he seems to feel he just needs to tough it out. MEN! Are they afraid of getting naked? (think gynecologist) Are they afraid of needles? (think childbirth) Or does it just make them feel like less than they should be? (think glass ceilings) I wonder why they don't just do what it takes to take care of themselves. I guess they think some woman will do it for them. (think mommy) I do hope they just say he is overworked or needs a vitamin, but it is a scary time.


  1. I hope it's nothing major. Will be thinking of your hubby. Aging sucks. :)