Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evil Inc by Glenn Kaplan

Ken Olson is an up and coming manager, with a loving wife and a beautiful daughter, who is at the top of his game. After receiving a big promotion, he is thrilled, but his wife has her doubts, abut the company and the promotion. She encourages him to look for a new position, and sets him up with an interview. When His family is killed in a hideous accident at his plastics plant, and Ken is accused of embezzling millions of dollars and quietly fired, after the money is mysteriously returned, Ken is jobless and friendless. Knowing he did nothing wrong, Ken enlists his brother in law, an investigator, to help him find out why the plant was bombed and who is responsible for the deaths of 1000 people. With multimillions of dollars in bonuses at stake, someone will do anything to succeed, including more murder. Ken starts looking at his former mentor and power player Tom Pennington, very closely. Could the golden boy be the devil in disguise? Ken is driven by grief and anger to find out. This thriller kept me up reading until the wee hours. It was a fascinating look at the lengths someone would go to for success. Big business can be deadly!

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