Sunday, December 07, 2008

Two Good Mysteries

"The Book of Fate" by Brad Meltzer is a terrific political thriller. Wes Holloway is an aide to the President of the United States, when he puts the Presidents oldest friend into a limousine with the chief executive on July 4 for an appearance. Shots ring out and Wes finds himself changed forever. Horribly scarred, and feeling guilty about the death of Ron Boyle, the friend of the President, Wes stays on with the first family after they leave the White House, doing his job, until he sees Ron, alive and well, while on a trip to Malaysia. This sets in motion a slam bang thrill ride to discover why Ron has been hiding, is the President involved, and when the shooter escapes from a mental hospital, with murder in mind, is Wes in danger? Masonic mysteries, an old crossword puzzle, a nosy reporter and a motley crew of friends help Wes search for the truth. I stayed up all night reading this one and really liked the shocker ending. If this is your kind of read, give it a try. It is well worth your time!
"Night Sins" by Tami Hoag is a reissue of an older book from 1995, but it is as timely as ever. Deer Lake, Minnesota is a sleepy town where not much happens. Mitch Holt is the police chief, and Megan O'Malley is the new regional officer for the state investigation bureau. Her first night in town, a young boy is abducted from the hockey rink, when his physician mom is late picking him up. Megan is being tested as the first female agent in charge, and as the days drag on with no new clues, she feels her career slipping away. Mitch has his own demons, and is raising a young daughter, alone, as he feels the big city horrors creeping into his town. It was very suspenseful, romantic, and edge of your seat reading. As Mitch and Megan try to fight the growing attraction, find the boy and nab the kidnapper, who is very clever and taunts them mercilessly, everything goes from bad to worse. Though I thought the romance was not totally necessary, and a little cliched, this was a terrific read and I am going to find the follow up "Guilty as Sin" tomorrow.

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