Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine if you will.....

A phone call from your daughter living in Florida saying "Mom, I am coming home with the girls and the dogs. (for good) And I will be there in 3 days." Yikes!! Rearranging rooms, buying food that a 9 and 11 year old might eat, removing anything incriminating, you know the drill. And as much as I love having them here, I was not prepared for the chaos that arrived with them. SO much stuff, and that's not all of it, registering for school, buying supplies, clothes, shoes and coats, all the fun stuff that comes with starting over with a young family. I thought I was through with all of that. As my husband is fond of saying lately, be careful what you wish for! I am thrilled to have them and a period of adjustment is in progress. So from time to time I will be writing about the girls and the changes as well as books I am reading. I will get to the books soon, I promise. All the family, under one roof again. WHEW!


  1. Thomas Wolfe said you can't go home again, but it seems that he was mistaken...

    Wow, what an adventure!

  2. Wow, what a shock. That wouldn't actually even be possible in our house. The three of us barely fit.

  3. Oh the humanity..oh the chaos..oh the school supplies! I am too old for this S***!!