Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Twofer

“The Wednesday Sisters” by Meg Waite Clayton was a terrific book. I loved the story of 5 friends, young mothers who met at a park in the 60’s. They all have issues, but eventually become fast friends. Some of their husbands adore their wives,some cheat, all are almost too busy or dismissive, to see what this group of women has become; a writing group. Tentative, at first, afraid of hurt feelings, everyone praises the writing, regardless if it is good, bad, familiar (trite), mediocre, of just plain bad. They finally decide honesty is best, to help each grow as a writer. Successes, failures, acceptance and rejection are part of both writing and life. I wished I had friends like these, someone I could trust, to enjoy life with, a group of girlfriends. The characters were believable, though some of the story was a little “Danielle Steel” for me, but overall, a very enjoyable read. You will laugh and shed a tear, but it is worth it.

“Summer Reading “ by Hilma Wolitzer, not so much. I wanted to like this one as much as “The Wednesday Sisters”, but I had trouble caring about he characters, a group of readers, who start a book club in the Hamptons. The group leader is Angela,a retired English professor; Lissy, who hosts the meeting and harbors a secret; Michelle, Lissy’s housekeeper, who listens to the discussions and spends time trying on her bosses clothes, snooping through her drawers and closets; and assorted social ladies. Angela has a secret of her own, hidden just under the surface. I had trouble with this one, it was a choppy read for me, and somewhat disjointed. I can only say it was just okay, and a little disappointing.

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